Great Idea for Company Events in Berlin: Discover City by Canoe

Team spirit is beast built when being active together. Why not make it a fun experience and at the same time strengthen your team? Many things that are true for canoeing can also be applied to everyday life and vice versa. Paddling in a canoe with more than two people requests coordination within the team. When canoeing you will know your colleagues from a whole new perspective. Our canoe tours as company event has proven a real success!

guided canoe tours for company events in berlin
Canoe tour for company events in berlin

Boss or intern: All must lend a hand 

Company outings usually have two objectives: on the one hand they should be fun and on the other hand they should strengthen the team spirit! Our guided canoe tours in Berlin fulfill these requirements! Paddling through Berlin on the River Spree or on the many other canals you will discover the capital from a completely different angle as if you would be sitting in a tourist bus for instance. When paddling no one is a passenger, everyone is a driver. Meaning that everyone has to work together in order to get to a destination (similar to the work back in the office). Share this fun and active experience with your colleagues and strengthen your team!

Canoeing as Company Event in Berlin: The most important Questions and Answers

Which tour is suitable for a Company Event in Berlin?

For a company event we highly recommend the "Green South East Tour" through Köpenick. We paddle through the historic center of Köpenick on the River Spree and Dahme and around the caste of Köpenick which is located on a peninsula. Most buildings were fortunately untouched during the World War Two and therefore the old town of Köpenick seems untouched. As we use 10-people canoes on this tour it is ideal for larger groups. Each canoe fits up to eleven people including the helmsman. With the right team spirit and navigation a group can reach a high speed. What you learn on a canoe tour in terms of communication and coordination is also helpful for the office.

Can colleagues join if they have never paddled before?

Of course they can! For the "Green South East Tour" you do not have to have previous experience in paddling. Before we get into the boats there is a theoretical crash-course for all participants. Safety is first and therefore all participants get a life-jacket. As soon as you have started paddling you will realize how easy it is. With the right team spirit a group can reach up to 15 km/h. Perhaps the one or the other will discover a new hobby during this event :-)

Is it possible to book an additional program on top of the Canoe Tour?

Of course! As paddling makes everyone hungry we offer a BBQ after the tour "Green South East". The start and end point of this tour is located at waterfront with a private area for a BBQ. We provide delicious meat dished such as Steak, Sausages, Chicken, but also grilled vegetables and mixed salad.

after the canoe tour we provide the company group with a bbq
bbq after a canoe tour in berlin

What does a guided canoe tour through Berlin cost?

The "Green South East Tour" costs 25 Euro per person. If you would like to have a BBQ after that this costs another 25 Euro per person. If a group is smaller than 20 people we charge a minimum price of 500 Euro. Price