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Canoe rental in berlin
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Many people from Berlin or Brandenburg never though of paddling through Berlin during the time of the Berlin Wall. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall the Spree shore has changed rapidly. The industry along the Spree River no longer exists and left over are ruins which are now built into luxury apartments. Around the Berlin water there is much to discover such as ruins of a former laundry factory in Köpenick. Who has never explored Berlin by canoe or kayak will for sure explore Berlin from a totally new perspective!

Canoe Rental / Kayak Rental

Canoe 4 people

canoe rental in berlin for four person

First hour: 12.00 €

Second hour: 10.00 €

Daily rate: 45.00 €

Whether with your family or as a couple, the canoe from Old Town is the perfect all-rounder! Because of the length of the canoe it is very stable and fast. It also is very stable in the water in case even if there are waves. The boat can be loaded with 500 kilograms.

Canoe 3 people

Canoe rental in berlin for three person

First hour: 10.00 €

Second hour: 8.00 €

Daily rate: 40.00 €

This canoe is a very easy-rolling canoe and has a slightly round hull. It is ideal for two adults or one adult plus a child. The boat can be loaded with 480 kilograms even though it only weighs only 37 kilogramm!

Kayak 2 people

kayak rental in berlin for one person

First hour: 10.00 €

Second hour: 8.00 €

Daily rate: 35.00 €

With this kayak you are much faster than with a canoe because the boat is very light and the paddles are double sided. Due to the low seating position you can easily achieve up to 20 kilometers a day. For beginners we recommend canoes rather than kayaks because getting in the boats can be a bit challenging.

Kayak 1 people

kayak rental in berlin for one person

First hour: 10.00 €

Second hour: 8.00 €

Daily rate: 30.00 €

If you plan on doing a trip by yourself we highly recommend a 1-person kayak! If you are an advanced paddler you are faster in a kayak than a canoe. But who prefers it to be more comfortable we recommend the canoe. Beginners usually find it more difficult to keep the water out of the kayak.

Startpoint for rent a Kanu ore a Kajak

Meeting point: Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin at the Milchbar


The meeting point of the tour is at Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin next to the barrier of the gatekeeper’s house (to make it as precise as possible). In case you take public transportation, the Tram 21 with the stop at Köpenicker Chaussee/Blockdammweg will bring you fastest from

S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz to Funkhaus Berlin. However, the tram only commutes every 20 minutes, please keep this in mind.